Vysočany Stack

Year ︎  2020
Outcome ︎ Competition Proposal
Location ︎ Prague, Czechia
Team ︎ Lilla Árkovics, Bernadett Csendes, Attila Róbert Csóka, Virág Kiss, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló, Marek Svoboda 

Publications ︎ Designboom, Építészfórum, Archdaily

In our proposal to a competition of PENTA Real Estate in Prague, different kinds of apartments invite different people to live in, and for that we created different architectural layouts and qualities.

Hence this residential building aimed to provide the diversity of living conditions that habitants could experience. The purpose was to make a significant difference between these conditions, in the term of the spatial qualities of the apartments. The differences were also able to diversify the relations of the apartments to the inner circulation of the building and to the surrounding urban environment.

It is evident that cities give home for many people with very diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We wanted to consider this very basic nature of urban living and design a building that is able to help these different people to meet and see each other regularly. Therefore in our proposal we stacked the following qualities:

The top floor triplexes are creative living spaces for urban creatives who are open to experience innovative living and intensive relations to the cityscape.

The sixth floor provides spacious luxury apartments with enormous terraces and all glass facades

The second, third, fourth and fifth level has regular urban condition with large windows and loggias

The ground floor has attached house duplexes with direct connection to outer and inner gardens, that are legal part of these properties.

Thanks to this mix not only the image of Prague could be enriched with another building that provides diversity, but also the habitants will be able to live in an environment that introduces multiple faces for them.

General Floor Plan

Diagram of stack

Northern Elevation

    Eastern Elevation

Western Elevation
Elevation sample