Theseus Project is the internship project of Paradigma Ariadné which we developed to refresh the institution of internship programmes. We did because we see the work of an intern has to be useful and productive, therefor the activities of making coffee, running to the post office and endless model making are not enjoyable and instructive enough. Hence the Theseus project is a collaboration on a specific project between architects of Paradigma Ariadné and the participant of the Theseus project. In every phase of the Theseus Project we figure out a specific and well defined project which is achievable in a three months period and we realize that project together with the intern.

We commit ourselves that we going to give every financial and mentoring help for the intern during this period to realize the project and we acknowledge in the future that the project was a collaboration between the participant and Paradigma Ariadné. The participants are free to use the full documentation of the project in they portfolio, but we expect to mention Paradigma Ariadné in any public appearance of they about the project. Theseus Project is in between an intership programme, a collaboration and a teaching platform.

Theseus Project phase 01 ︎
Pinterest Wallpaper made together with Bettina Tógyer landscape architect - Exhibited at Budapest Design week 2017

Theseus Project phase 02 ︎
Essay on Our Gellérthegy by Anna Zsoldos art historian and Mónus Gergely sociologist - Award winning essay on a competition by Új Művészet journal

Theseus Project phase 03 ︎
Proposal for the competition of the curatorship of Hungarian Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2018 made together with Levente Borenich architect

Theseus Project phase 04 ︎
Furniture series inspired by water towes of Hungary created together with Virág Kiss

Theseus Project phase 05 ︎
Ongoing together with Luca Csíkszentmihályi