Sándorfalva Rural Geometries -  Educational Trail and Buffalo Barn

Year ︎  2016 - 2021
Outcome ︎ Educational trail and buffalo barn
Location ︎ Sándorfalva 
Team ︎ Lilla Árkovics, Bernadett Csendes, Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, András Németh, Dávid Smiló

Client ︎ Municipality of Sándorfalva
Constructor︎ Fa-ker Sped Ltd.

Publications︎ Építészfórum, Forbes, Hype and Hyper, Archdaily, Octogon, Domus, The Architectural Review

We were invited by the city of Sándorfalva to design a buffalo barn and an educational trail into their natural protected land that today is wholly covered with reeds. The initial aim of the development was to immigrate buffalos to the place. This act has two outcomes. On one hand visitors would have the chance to visit the trail and meet these creatures in their living environment. On the other hand buffalos will recultivate the area with their presence and turn the place into a lake and swamp again which is able to welcome hundreds of native species that were away thanks to the lack of open water surface.

While it was a design task on one hand, it was also a task to reinterpret the built environment in natural landscape on the other.

Concept wise this project is about the understanding of agricultural buildings of the Eastern European landscape trough the time of history. These buildings in the countryside are still a mixture of almost hundred years old regional architecture and contemporary industrialized technologies that qualities sometimes are clashed together in a very naïve way. While both kind of architecture includes big and simple geometries, that creates unique character in the landscape.

We tried to continue this quality with joyful geometrical composition in an organized way. We have defined a 500 meters long curved path with 500 meter radius, on which we placed few objects for observing the nature: one buffalo barn, three little installation to enjoy the landscape through framing it, and a viewpoint at the end. Thanks to the giant curved shape of the path these objects can be revealed in a direct order for the visitors, while the whole structure can be observed only from the viewpoint.