Pinterest Wallpaper -
Theseus Project Phase One

Year ︎  2017
Outcome ︎ Product
Location ︎ Budapest
Team ︎ Bettina Tógyer, Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló

Pinterest wallpaper is a product we designed together with Bettina Tógyer during the first Theseus Project. Its idea came from the wish to ornament on one hand, and to reflect to current tendencies of the spread of digital surfaces on the other. Thanks to the rapid change of network culture and communication methods in the last decades, our relation to surfaces changed radically too. Few years ago the built environment and the printed material were the most viewed content of our everyday life, but it is not true anymore.

This is happening in a really profane way: we are looking at monitors in most of our time, during work, while we are riding a tram, and while we are sitting in the toilet.

The phenomenon of collecting and sorting visual content on Pinterest is representing this transition in a spectacular way. We as architects regularly meet the situation when a client shows their wish about architecture through pinterest dashboards, especially in the case of interior design. Why to collect all the nice images and design something which is related to the collected references if we can print the whole Pinterest dashboard and place it on the wall as a tapestry?

In 2017 the Pinterest Wallpaper was exhibited during Budapest Design Week.