Photo Booth Pantheon

Year ︎  2019
Outcome ︎ Installation
Location ︎ Csórompuszta, Hello Wood Project Village
Team ︎ Lilla Árkovics, Bernadett Csendes, Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló, Alžběta Hejnová, Juan Agustin, Esther Calinawan, Gerrylyn Saraza, Flynn Harvey Red Williams

Photo ︎ Tamás Bujnovszky

Publications ︎ Archdaily, Építészfórum, ARQA

Nominations ︎  Building of the Year 2020

Photo Booth Pantheon was designed for Hello Wood Festival 2019 to become the monument of the Builders Society of Hello Wood. Photo Booth Pantheon is a building, a memorial, a performative installation and a tool at the same time. A real photo booth which represents historical and contemporary tendencies of remembrance, which are getting more and more important in the age of viral sharing.

Pantheon, Walhalla, Hall of Fame. Places where the key figures of our history and mythology are presented. Our heroes and our gods preserved there to the future. In the Builders Society there are key figures, heroes and gods as well. They can be anyone, and they are different year by year. This kind of turnover in the Builders Society is reflected in the Pantheon of Hello Wood. Therefor our Pantheon design had no fixed statues inside in the wall niches, those were waiting for the members of Builders Society to fulfil it.

The Photo Booth Pantheon invited all the members of the Hello Wood to become part of the memorial. Thanks to the structure of our proposal, there are two types of spatial quality which the participants can meet.

One can simply enter to the ordinary inner space of the Pantheon, to participate as a visitor, a tourist or a believer of the Builders Society. Another can easily enter to the space of the very wall of the pantheon. Inside the wall there are a completely different space, which is operating as a background of the memories of the future. A nonsense but real space between present and future in theoretical manner.

And finally there is a hole in between. The wall niche which is open. This wall niche is an extension of the inner space of the Pantheon, but only accessible from the wall. It is a special hole which is more like a portal, a gate in-between. If someone become visible in this hole, they become history. They become the exhibited bust statue of the Pantheon for a while. Or, as long as they wish.

And at this point another thread of the story starts.

Regarding to, this Pantheon is a photo booth as well, in the middle of the ordinary space there was a camera which is operated in 360 degrees. That camera took special photos of the people who entered, while they were standing as the part of the memorial of the Builders Society. These photos are square cropped hence it is easily uploadable to Instagram.

On Instagram these images represent a historical type of memorial place the Pantheon which meets current habits of how our society collecting memories today.