New Topography of Sándorfalva

Year ︎  2018
Outcome ︎ Masterplan 
Location ︎ Sándorfalva 
Team ︎ Lilla Árkovics, Bernadett Csendes, Zsuzsa Farkas, Attila Róbert Csóka, Norbert Kéki, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló

Paradigma Ariadné was invited to design the main square and park in the city of Sándorfalva, Hungary. During the collaboration with the representatives of Sándorfalva it was soon realized on our side that the wish of them is to create a more urbanized environment in the middle of the city, but it was clear to us that the given spatial and density-wise quality of the main square is closer to a park than to a real urbanized public space.

We wanted to reflect on this tension that is in between the wished future of the city and the present attributions of it. We wanted to introduce a public square design in Sándorfalva, that is able to handle its duality and could project the wished character of Sándorfalva into the future. During the design process two statement-like input reached us from the representatives and stakeholders of Sándorfalva. First is the above mentioned wish to design a more urbanized park. Second is a simple but joyful and honest wish for wavy and zigzag like roads and pathways.

With these inputs we started to search for a reference that is able to embody all the introduced opinions about the development.

Rome is the ultimate city. It is not true that if we have to describe the urbanized character, Rome would be the only example, but it is true that if we would introduce Rome to someone, they going to have the sense of what the urbanized character and density are. The map called New Topography of Rome, or the Nolli map as it called on other name by Giambattista Nolli is the ultimate representation of the relation between public spaces and private spaces in urbanized environment. It is a map that introduces the real nature of widely accessible spaces within one of the most important cities: Rome.

If we look at the Nolli map and consider it as a simple pattern to use it for design purpose we could realize that: (1) it has zig zags. (2) as it is representing Rome, its graphic character is urbanized enough.

During the design process we took a segment of the map of Nolli and we enlarged it to 1 to 1 scale and rotated to the North. We placed it on the surveyed drawings of the main square of Sándorfalva and redraw all the lines that appears on the Nolli map to the surveyed drawings. This way we got the outlines of all the pathways, covered public squares and flowerbeds that we finally used for the design process.

The outcome is a lovely small town public park and square, but also the biggest ever printed copy of the Nolli map on the world today. The main square of Sándorfalva contains the imprint of Column of Trajan, the imprint of Santissimo Nome di Maria and many other objects from Rome printed with paving stones and bushes.

Original layout

Applied sample of Nolli map

New Axis

Final layout