“Greek legend insists that Daedalus was the first architect, but this is hardly the case: although he built the Cretan labyrinth, he never understood its structure. He could only escape, in fact, by flying out of its vortex. Instead it may be argued that Ariadne achieved the first work of architecture, since it was she who gave Theseus the ball of thread by means of which he found his way out of the labyrinth after having killed the Minotaur”

Beatriz Colomina, Architectureproduction, In: This is not architecture: Media constructions, Edited by Kester Rattenbury 2002. Routlegde London; New York

Paradigma Ariadné is a Budapest based architecture studio unrestricted either by means or dimension, the founders of which, when working and thinking about architecture, employ a wide range of instruments offered by their professional praxis and address the built environment in the context of the market.

This is why the clients of Paradigma Ariadné include individuals, institutions, companies, and local governments as well, allowing us to assist and to provide ideas and understandings wherever processes either taking place in or creating a built environment require architecture-related knowledge.

Hence, the knowledge produced at Paradigma Ariadné can take a variety of forms. Our activity comprises architectural and urban design as much as strategic guidance and cultural management regarding space-related issues. The work we do may result in a building, a furniture, an event, or even a book.

Paradigma Ariadné led by Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár and Dávid Smiló